Rope Park

Rope Park is an exciting adventure on suspended element bridges and bungee jumping, which will certainly appeal to all lovers of outdoor activities! There are diverse routes of three different levels of difficulty for adults and children. The first, and the simplest, is available even to the youngest athletes, with a height of 110 cm.

And the most courageous extreme athletes are waiting for the second and third levels, including 1-2 trolls-descents with a breeze on a stretched cable under the force of their own gravity. Our Rope park is absolutely safe, all participants have reliable insurance on belts with steel carabiners. We are waiting for you to test your strength!

Visiting instructions:

1. Passing the trails of the Rope Park is possible only after passing the briefing.
2. The visitor must strictly follow the instructions of the instructor:
— The instructor has the right to remove the participant from the route without explaining the reasons.
— There should be no more than two visitors on one site of the route, and no more than one on an obstacle.
— During the entire passage of the routes, a safety ring and a carabiner must be fastened to the safety rope.
— Only the park’s safety equipment may be used.
3. The park administration is not responsible for emergencies if you are on the route without passing the briefing!
4. If the visitor is evacuated from the route with the help of additional equipment, the visit to the park is considered completed. Equipment is subject to return. To enter the route later, you must purchase a new ticket.


Maximum weight


Level 1


Levels 2 and 3

For safety reasons, at the locations is prohibited:


Smoking, eating, drinking.

Pass with animals.

Pass in shoes, with incomplete fixation.

Carry dangerous objects.

Walk with yourhair down.

At the locations is not allowed:

State of alcohol or drug intoxication.

Cardiovascular diseases

Diseases of the nervous system.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Pregnant women.

Admission of persons with disabilities is made by the decision of the park administration.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the operation of the location may be suspended.

Клубная карта Треугольник анимации 1 Треугольник анимации 2 Треугольник анимации 3 Треугольник анимации 4 Треугольник анимации 5 Треугольник анимации 6
Клубная карта
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Просто пополнить баланс
Аренда карты — 100 рублей
Остаток можно вернуть, если сохранился чек
Введите номер карты
Удобно оплачивать аттракционы
Просто пополнить баланс
Аренда карты — 100 рублей
Остаток можно вернуть, если сохранился чек