Monorail «Round-the-world trip»

Attraction monorail » Travel around the world «
For everyone who has ever wanted to make a fabulous flight in a hot air balloon, a new attraction, «Travel around the world «, is opening in the Park Skazka amusement park.
With the whole family, with friends or together with your beloved, you will get a 100% feeling of flying over the earth, a lot of pleasure and a whole rainbow of impressions!
Cheerful music and the ability to independently control a fabulous basket will add emotions to your ballooning.
You can rotate, pedal, or turn on autopilot mode, revealing an amazing picture of the nature reserve in Krylatsky and other park entertainment!

This attraction is included in the unlimited tariff «Active Premium»

Visiting instructions:

1. Boarding and disembarking of visitors is carried out only from the landing platform and is controlled by the operator of the attraction. Visitors are prohibited from unauthorized boarding and disembarking on the landing modules of the attraction.
2. Visitors are required to use the elements of active and passive safety provided at the attraction.
3. The visitor accompanying the child must determine for himself the degree of safety of riding at this attraction.
The administration is not responsible for accidents that occur in cases of violation of these visiting instructions by the visitor.

In the module: 2

Maximum number of passengers.

160kg/2 persons

Maximum weight.

From 105-120cm

Accompanied by an adult.

From 120cm

Independent riding.

Up to 3 minutes

Riding time.

Correct position.

For safety reasons, at the attraction is prohibited:

Stand on the seat.

Smoking, eating, drinking.

Pass with animals.

Detain moving elements.

Carry dangerous objects.

Throw objects.

Jump in and out.

Pass in shoes, with incomplete fixation.

At the attraction is not allowed:

From diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In the state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

With cardiovascular Diseases.

From diseases of the nervous system.

Pregnant women.

With injuries.

Admission of persons with disabilities is made by the decision of the park administration.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the operation of the attraction may be suspended.

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Удобно оплачивать аттракционы
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Аренда карты — 100 рублей
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